You're not just 'Sir' or 'Madam'. You are NOT invisible!

Welcome to the first of many blogs highlighting what makes us so different to our competitors. Here, we look at the very basics of business - taking and making telephone calls.

Driving quality in all that we do.

We understand the importance of keeping our valued customers happy; after all, a happy customer usually means a repeat customer. Here we share just a few of the most common mistakes businesses can make:

Everybody has a name. Use it!

How many times have you spoken to a Customer Service Agent and they clearly have not listened to you? Even worse, when they appear to be darn right rude! To prevent this from happening at Warnerbus, all staff have been extensively trained in telephone techniques. No 'Sir' or 'Madam' is ever quoted to our customers. They all have a name and we always use it. It's common decency and ensures that from the moment the conversation has started, our customer feels like a real person and not a statistic in a call centre.

We always listen. Many don't.

How annoying and frustrating is it when you have spent time making a telephone call, explaining your requirements then having to repeat it time and time again as the person taking the call has not listened to you? Warnerbus completely understands how important our customers calls are - be it a straight forward tail-lift service booking to discussing specific requirements for a minibus or wheelchair accessible vehicle and we guarantee that we will listen and understand each and every need. We take comprehensive notes before even arranging a meeting to discuss your minibus needs and overlook nothing. Every single detail counts and we appreciate that.

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